Denial In The Face Of Overwhelming Evidence

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists”

J. Edgar Hoover

Three stages of truth

1.     Denial

2.    Opposition

3.    Acceptance

Denial, continued June 15,  in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2011

“You are not prepared for what is coming, I have come here to brief you!’  

Russell O’Quinn

Satan knew that he could not destroy the church, so he joined it instead!

His best work is done inside its walls. He convinces people that they have salvation and Jesus Christ, but he gives them a phony one in place of the real Jesus Christ. He could care less which church a person attends as long as they end up in hell! He has weapons of mass distraction! 

Sports Team Idolatry

Woe be to him who says anything bad about the Yankee’s in NYC, or about the ‘Gators’ in Florida. This same mentality is alive and well in the church today. Big name TV preachers have a huge following among the ‘Faithful’ and woe be him or her that says anything bad about ‘Their favorite Superstar’ even if it is true!

The Body of Christ shouldn’t have ANY Superstars. We have Jesus Christ and his is sufficient for all our needs. Sadly, superstars abound in modern Christianity. Unfortunately, the focus of the rank and file is on the ‘Superstar’ and not on Jesus Christ. Our local church held a simulcast recently, its an ongoing, annual event and is well attended. Its a women’s event, and the ‘Superstar’ is also a woman. I listened carefully to what the women said after this event. Not one of them mentioned Jesus Christ, but they ALL sang the praises of the ‘Superstar!’ Any time that Satan can get the focus off of Christ and onto a person, that person is vulnerable.

1Co 3:4 NASB  For when one says, “I am of Paul,” and another, “I am of Apollos,” are you not mere men?

I understand that there are some godly people who have large ministries and do good work in and for the Body of Christ. I am not knocking then or their ministries. In this age of fantastic global communications, we must be careful to ‘Guard our hearts.’ People play the game of ‘You’re OK, I’m OK‘ with big name TV, multimedia ‘Superstars’. During my travels around the country, people asked me, ‘What do you think of so and so?’ They were really playing the ‘You’re OK, So I’m OK’ game.’ If I answered that I liked their ‘Superstar’ then I was ‘OK’ and conversely, if I relied negatively to their question, I was ‘NOT OK’ therefore they were not OK either and that pretty much ended the conversation. My guess is that they search for others who would agree with them about their ‘Superstar’ and that would satisfy them so they could feel good about themselves and be ‘OK!’ Sadly, this happened often!

Eventually, I learned to detect the ‘OK’ game early in the conversation.

Most folks have their mind already made up and there is no suitable amount of biblical truth can be applied to a closed minded person that will make any difference. The problem is one of the ‘Heart’ and not of the mind.

Heb3:12NASB  Take care, brethren, that there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God.


The church is in grave danger today, more so in these the ‘End Times.’

Satan has “Weapons Of Mass Distraction

When we shift our focus on to Men, or Women, we have taken our focus off of Jesus Christ!


This is an age best described in superlatives. There are many distractions. We can and will be deceived if we take our eyes off of Jesus Christ and his Word. Please make an effort to view the heart warming testimony of Mr. O’Quinn. It will serve you well. His concluding commentary is about our Lord Jesus Christ. This testimony is the most encouraging one I have ever seen. I’m sure you’ll like it!

“You are not prepared for what is coming, I have come here to brief you!’  

Russell O’Quinn

This quote is taken from a DVD that was recorded in Memphis Tennessee at ‘Love Worth Finding Ministries. It is the most requested of all programs in the history of the Love Worth Finding Ministry!  The program number is 30601 for those who would like to view it themselves. I saw Mr. O’Quinn’s testimony on TV many years ago and it made a profound impact on me; so much so that I ordered a copy of it and was delighted that it is still available and it continues to be a great source of inspiration to those who view it.

Mr. O’Quinn is a jet fighter aircraft test pilot and is over 70 years old!  I highly recommend this video. The message that Mr. O’Quinn gives at the end of this DVD has a long but necessary build up. It is worth every minute you will spend watching it.

Love Worth Finding

P.O. Box 38300

Memphis, TN, 38183-300


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